Shingeki no kyojin TRANSPARENT STICKERS Part I Part II.
some moon names i like


earth - luna

jupiter - callisto, elara, carme, carpo, kore, kale, 

saturn - rhea, calypso, kari, skoll,

uranus - umbriel, juliet, cressida, cordelia, cupid

neptune - larissa, galatea, neso, sao

pluto - charon, hydra, nix

dwarf orcus - vanth

here is the website i found these moon names on



Ever have trouble finding boots in the right color? Tried spray-painting them and ended up with a dry, cracked mess?

A fantastic friend recently advised me to paint leather boots (and any other leather goods) with floral paint. This is a spray paint that is light and flexible enough to use on live flowers. Above are the Poison Ivy boots I painted for a friend, which turned out fantastic.

One thing though: Wear them while you paint them, and maybe stretch your foot around in between coats. I didn’t think of this, and while the paint did not crack at all, it started to split where the boots were stretched from walking. Next time I paint some boots, I’ll let you know if I was able to fix this problem.

The paint I used is called Design Master, and you can find it at Michael’s or Joann Fabrics. In the stores near me, Michael’s had a better selection of colors and a slightly better price, but that may not be true everywhere. This color is “Holiday Green.”

Great alternative to spray rubber and plasti-dip or bootcovers, and cheaper than leather paint! Reminder that Michaels and JoAnns both frequently offer 50% off coupons and will match competitor coupons and offers!!

The Character Wardrobe Meme


Send a number to my ask box along with a character of your choice, and I’ll draw up the ensuing ensemble! (If the character chosen wouldn’t wear the option given… go ahead and sub in something else!)


  1. Underwear
  2. Casual clothes
  3. Work uniform
  4. Night clothes
  5. Swimwear
  6. Formal gala garb
  7. Lounging, lazy-time stuff
  8. A party outfit
  9. Date night threads
  10. Something outdoorsy
  11. Interview outfit
  12. Tourist/travel wear
  13. A costume!
  14. Their sick day scrubs
  15. Summer clothes
  16. Winter clothes
  17. Um, spring clothes?
  18. Why not - fall clothes!
  19. Workout wear
  20. Last minute throw-ons
  21. The most expensive thing they own
  22. A fig leaf

Feel free to add, subtract, or alter as you please to fit your character bunch!

Dear internet,






Please give me all the advice you have on writing cover letters. Like, the closer you can get to literally just writing a cover letter for me, the better. Ok bye.

This is how I did the one for my librarian position.  I hope it helps.

Dear Person Hiring for this Job,

I am writing to ask you to consider me for X position.  This is a paragraph about why I want to do X position in general.  It includes at least one personal detail and at least one job skill I consider a particular strength.  It argues that I am passionate about this career.  It is not long.

I have had the opportunity to gain experience in this job by - paragraph about my work or study experience.  It should go from most recent experience back.  Include some details about your responsibilities/achievements in your most recent or most important positions.  If you have mostly study experience, give more detail about what exactly you studied.  If you shadowed people, mention that.  If your work experience is largely unrelated, try to shoehorn some of it in (e.g. I gained experience working with people by).  You can supplement with relevant hobbies.  (But if you do have recent, relevant work experience, you should largely be detailing that.  Only embroider the other stuff if you need to flesh it out.)  This should be the longest paragraph.

I hope you will consider allowing me to do X thing at your company.  This is a few sentences about why I want to work at your company in particular and what I think I could bring.  Try to mention at least one detail from the company website, so they know you visited it.  This is a short paragraph that parallels the first one.

Thank you very much for your time and attention.


Person You Would Be a Fool Not to At Least Interview

oh my god thank you this is relevant to current interests

Two other points, to challenge what’s being said above a little:

1) Remember that the person reading this cover letter wants to know how you can contribute to the company. Not how excited you are about the position: it’s all about what they gain. Try framing the whole thing in that sense — “You would gain my X awesome skill that would help you Y with your mission.” “Here’s why I’m awesome and a great fit for making your company go better.”

2) At the end, ask for the interview. “I am available at PHONE NUMBER at your convenience. I look forward to speaking with you about this great opportunity soon.” Maybe even say you’ll be following up at a specific time and date. Ask for the job. People respond to that, and it’s a good way to fake confidence until you make it. Ask for the job.

Okay, three points. People reading cover letters get SO BORED going through them. Think about starting off with a story that relates to why you’re interested in the job, or that demonstrates a skill or a strong interest that would make you a good candidate. Be memorable — people remember stories, even (maybe especially) very little ones.

*hoards advice*




Everything is AWESOME!


Everything is AWESOME! - Tegan & Sarah Ft. The Lonely Island// DoYaThing - Gorillaz Ft Andre 3000// Destination Calabria - Alex Gaudino// One More Time - Daft Punk// Pompeii - Bastille// Bug Hunt - Skrillex// When can I see you Again? - Owl City// Oh No! - Marina & the Diamonds// Mambo No.5 - Lou Bega// Music - Madonna// Down the Road - C2C// Dog Days are Over - Florence & the Machine// Shake Tramp - Mariannas Trench// The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy// We Come Together - Goldfish// Pentatonix - Daft Punk// Run - Gnarls Barkley// Treasure - Bruno Mars// Supermassive Black Hole - Muse// Planetary (Go!) - My Chemical Romance// Dance, Dance - Fall Out Boy// Pimadonna - Marina & the Diamonds// The Only Difference… - Panic! at the Disco// Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz// Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk// Little Talks - Of Monster and Men// Icarus - Bastille// Weapon of Choice - Fatboy Slim// Sex Yeah - Marina & the Diamonds// Swing - The Mask// Thnks Fr Th Mmrs - Fall Out Boy// Rasputine - Boney M// Break the Ice - Britney Spears// Locked out of Heaven - Bruno Mars// Fly Away - Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt// Clothes Off - Gym Class Heros// Funky Monkey - Rio// Happy - C2C ft D.Martin// Better off Alone - DJ Jurgen Alice Deejay// Lady Marmalade - Mulan Rouge// Crazy Loop - Dan Balan// Cuban Pete - The Mask// The Traveling Song - Will.i.Am// Dont Wanna Miss You - Steliana// I’m Blue - Eifel 65// Dicord - Eurobeat Brony// Juggernauts - Nero// Ride on a Shooting Star - FLCL// Gold Dust - DJ Fresh// Sweet Escape - Gwen Stefani// Delta - C2C// This Ain’t a Scene… - Fall Out Boy// It’s Time - Imagine Dragons// In Your Eyes - Kylie Minogue// Kagen no Tsuki - Mononoke// Die Young - Ke$ha// Let You Go - Chase & Status// Hung Up - Madonna// Na Na Na - My Chemical Romance// Around the World - Daft Punk// Can’t Get You Out of my Head - Kylie Minogue// Take you to Rio - Rio// Move Along - The All-American Rejects// Sugar Rush - AKB48// DARE -Gorillaz// Tanuk Tanuk Tun - Daler Mehndi// Va VA Voom - Niki Manaj// Seepyhead - Passion Pit// Numa Numa - O-Zone// Hot Wings- Rio// Toxic - Britney Spears// Drop it Low - Will.i.Am// The Fox Ylvis// Boom Boom Pow - The Black Eyes Peas// Hey Baby - DJ Otzi

if anyone has ever made a better ‘jesus fuck clean your room clean your room now' mix in the history of the world, it's probably this with the snk opening shoehorned in there somewhere



How to make belts out of foamy

1. Cut the length u need and details.
2. Seal the foam with modge podge (2 layers)
3. Add the base color with a sponge, in my case its dark brown.
4. Add a lighter color. ( also with a sponge but not with a lot of paint all you want its to add lil bit of highlights)
5. For main highlights i used gold paint to add lil bit of texture also in corners and very small touch in brown colors and you are done!

My page:


Even if you don’t have photoshop, you can still totally…
Edit photos
Touchup selfies
Put filters and gradients on photos
Use instagram style filters
Add stickers to photos
Make a typography edit
Make a transparent PNG
Make a pixel speech bubble
Fake a tweet
Fake a text
Make a GIF
Make a seamless background tile
Have fun!